HSP’s Premium range of hard lids is at the forefront of innovation. HSP have transformed the traditional hard lid to a better functioning, better suited and beautiful product.

With features and options such as central locking, pin system removal, led light, interior marine grade carpet, ‘Max Lift’ struts just to mention a few, it is not hard to see why the HSP premium range of hard lids is considered second to none.

Designed and Manufactured in Australia

From concept to reality, all HSP hard lids are designed and manufactured in Australia. The HSP premium range of hard lids has been designed using the most advanced design technology to suit every vehicle and enhance the visual appearance of the car. The interior of all hard lids also has a marine grade carpet lining to further add to the visual aesthetics of your vehicle and provide a better barrier to your cargo. HSP hard lids have an industry leading 3-year warranty on paint and structure.

Central Locking

In addition to the exceptional standard manual locking mechanism, all HSP premium hard lids can be upgraded to central locking during or after the time of installation. The system works conveniently with the vehicles factory remote or proximity sensor. An innovative feature to give enhanced security at the touch of a button, giving peace of mind, knowing when your vehicle is locked, so is your hard lid.

LED Light

The ultimate accessory for the late-night users. The HSP Premium Lid has an option for a LED light, integrated to the interior panel of the hard lid. This unit can be added to any Premium hard lid during or after installation. Operated by a built-in switch the light can help enhance vision into the lid so you can access items in your ute tub without any hassle.

Max Lift Twin Gas Struts

HSP Hard Lids feature the HSP Maxlift twin gas struts. This system is only available on HSP premium lids and has two very supportive features. The first is a specifically tested strut pressure, making the HSP hard lid even lighter in weight, the struts are designed to offset the weight of the hard lid making opening and closing effortless. The second is a 700mm strut to give a higher opening, on average HSP premium hard lids lift 1.2 meters above the tub floor.

Weather Protection

All Premium hard lids have deeper channels on the infills to support water protection, on average this is twice as deep as most other hard lids. HSP also uses twin seals on water prone areas and has a specific design on the hard lids that naturally allows water to flow off.