Rhino-Rack - The World's Most Useful Roof Racks

Rhino Rack make durable and easy-to-use roof racks, luggage boxes, bike carriers, kayak carriers, load securing accessories and more. With customised products and the latest in carrier technology, you can rely on Rhino-Rack to transform your vehicle for work, play, or anything in between.

Roof Racks


Rhino Racks Vortex roof rack system featuring the VGS strip is the perfect carrying solution for your leisurely activities.


Rhino-Racks Heavy Duty rack system is the tough and durable carrying solution for your work related gear. Perfect for tradesmen.


Rhino-Racks Euro roof rack system is the strong and lightweight square bar that is useful as an economic daily carrying solution.



The black powder-coated design is not only sleek it also makes your everyday life on and off the easier. You can load and unload your equipment in moments. The Pioneer Platform is made from reinforced nylon and aluminium which creates a lightweight strength that is seriously durable. These non-corrosive Pioneer Platforms have withstood testing in the harshest conditions around the world so you know they can be trusted.


The Pioneer Tradie is designed to transport ladders, pipes and work related products like timber on your 4WD or utility. Made from reinforced nylon and aluminium the Pioneer Tradie stands up to the toughest conditions you can throw at it. The powder coated outer coating is non-corrosive which will prevent the Tradie colour to fade in the sun.


The Pioneer Tray allows you to load everyday and adventure gear to your 4WD or utility in the securest way possible. The Pioneer Tray is used for hardcore off-road exploration, family road trips and everyday usage around town. Sporting aerodynamic design and sleek black finish the Pioneer Tray is not only functional, it is a tough and stylish addition to your vehicle.


The Rhino-Rack Xtray is a luggage carrying accessory that will definitely turn heads wherever you go. Black powder coated steel construction and a sleek design match quality manufacturing and style perfectly. An aerodynamic wind deflector is positioned at the front of the tray to make your travels quieter whilst also used to deflect bugs, dirt and grime from your cargo.


The Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Platform has the most tie-down points possible so your capacity to utilise your roof space. Simple to install and remove the Mesh Platform is the quick option for a road-trip or whenever transporting any gear.


The Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Basket design allows you to easily secure rounded cargo to the raised side rails. Simple to install and remove the Mesh Platform is the quick option for a road-trip or whenever transporting any gear.



Our unique MasterFit Technology means you can quickly and safely fit the box by using a revolutionary Twist to Tighten & Press to Lock clamping system that just about anyone can use and as an added bonus they don't take up much space at all. Aerodynamically designed and built from tough and durable materials, the Rhino-Rack MasterFit Roof Boxes will fit directly to your Rhino-Rack Vortex and Euro systems and will require the RUBK-MF fitting kit to attach onto your Heavy Duty bars. It is the perfect solution for transporting:

  • Excess gear
  • Camping equipment
  • Prams/strollers
  • Skis and Snowboards
  • Wakeboards
  • Golf clubs


  • Made from tough and durable materials. (ABS/ASA = Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene / Acrylic Styrene Acrylonitrile)
  • Sleek and aerodynamically designed to reduce wind drag
  • Opening available on both sides with key included
  • MasterFit Technology allows for quick and easy setup
  • 2x metal reinforcement profiles under the bottom of the box
  • Comes with 2 load securing straps

The MasterFit Roof Box is available in a range of sizes ranging from 320L to 530L.


The Rhino-Rack Weatherproof Luggage Bag is the ideal solution for carrying your bulky light weight gear while on the road. Constructed using tear resistant 500D High-End poly canvas material – not only is it waterproof but it will also protect your gear from all manner of harsh weather conditions.


  • Constructed using 500D High-End poly canvas tarpaulin - waterproof, tear resistant & fibre reinforced
  • Water resistant zipper*
  • Protective velcro overlap to shield the zipper from the elements
  • Welded seams provide superior waterproofing compared to traditional stitching
  • Extra strong UV50+ securing straps with heavy duty Duraflex buckles to easily secure the luggage bag to a luggage tray or basket
  • Additional front buckles to reduce wind flapping
  • Easy to fit, load and unload
  • Storage bag to keep the luggage bag protected between trips

* Zipper is water resistant and not waterproof, therefore the bag should not be submerged in water.